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Overcome exam barriers with A level revision courses

Written By onci on Thursday, February 23, 2012 | 7:54 PM

Revision is a stressful time for any student. Exam Confidence is the leading provider in exam revision courses, including A level revision. By attending a revision course, you are taking your first step to succeeding in your end of year exams.

Exam Confidence helps improve your techniques in an exam and also help you boost your confidence, so you start to feel more positive about the whole exam experience. A lot of mistakes in exams are made by students who panic and rush.

Our revision courses are split into three sections. The first part is syllabus review which is pretty much an overview of the content in your exams. The second part is exam technique which will help you learn methods which will benefit you when taking your exams. Lastly, we cover exam practice which consists of taking a mock exam and looking over what areas need work.

Syllabus review is a great way of going over areas which you may have forgotten. By taking a questionnaire we can see what areas need work. Our teachers will also go through what they think may pop up in the exam and what other areas are critical to know.

Exam technique provides you with one of the most exclusive services which you won't find at any other revision course.

Your examiners are all former Principal Examiners or Chief Examiners. With their knowledge, they can help you understand what is expected of you when answering your questions in the exam and help you reach your target grades.

You will also learn methods and techniques which will help you remember a lot of the content you are expected to learn until the final exams. By learning these techniques, you should find your confidence beginning to improve a little, and you should start to feel a little bit more positive towards your final exams.

Exam Practice is pretty much what you think it would be. You will take a mock exam paper and will then have it marked by your examiner. Your examiners will then sit with you and discuss with you what needs more work and how to improve your answers in the exam.

Our exam revision courses are unit and exam board specific. You will be but into a group of about six students who are in the same situation as you. Our teachers are there to encourage and motivate you.
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