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1 Hour Cash Advances - Is Instant Approval Possible?

Written By onci on Saturday, October 12, 2013 | 7:20 AM

1 Hour Cash Advances - Is Instant Approval Possible?
We've all heard about the cash advances that are out there and how they can be used to help you to pay bills that are unexpected. Is it conceivably possible to get a loan that you need to cover expenses in one hours time? While its not common there are companies out there who will be able to assist you in getting the loan that you need and they may in fact be able to assist you in getting your paperwork accomplished and having you an answer regarding your funds in under an hour.

Many of the short term loan companies do specialize in getting money fast into the hands of the people who need it. A one hour turnaround time is not at all uncommon if your short-term lending facility is willing to assist you with the means to get the documents either signed or electronically signed in that time span and then send the money to your direct deposit.

A few things may help you to minimize the time that it takes for your loan to be processed and assure that your money is given to you in the very least amount of time that it is possible to take. Processing any loan documents, whether they are traditional or non-typical will be as short as possible if you take the time to get the documents that you need in order prior to providing the company with the application. If they have to wait for your documents it may cause a longer wait.

Generally the documents that you will need to process any loan application will be: 
Your full legal name 
Your Social security number 
Your legal address 
Drivers license number and expiration date 
Direct deposit banking information-checking account routing and account numbers 
Employment information and your take home pay information.

If you have all of this information in front of you prior to your application, generally the wait times for your processing will be much lower. Is it possible to process your documents and see that the money that you need is placed in your account in less than an hour? In may cases, the funds that you want will be processed and placed in your account in an hour or just over, so the answer to that is yes. You can find a short term loan, or a cash advance and have the funds in your account in well under a day if you take the time and have your information all in order prior to placing your application.

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