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Scary Notion of Research Paper

Written By onci on Thursday, February 23, 2012 | 7:48 PM

There are very few people who enjoy writing, when a professor assign a research paper most of the students feel to run and hide and begin looking the ways to avoid this task,perhaps some of this fear comes from not having been taught properly how to write an outstanding research paper but it is not as difficult as it seems.Research paper,the very name conjures up images of piles of books and journals as one undertake the unpleasant job of scanning ideas and arguments from numerous different sources but regardless of the picture,this is like a journey to collect information through books,articles,painting and going to compose a research paper. Research paper analytical and argumentative approach distinguishes it from other sort of assignments.No matter which field a paper is focused on,it ultimately highlights researcher's own views about a theme and developed arguments supported by factual proofs.Research paper writing needs careful thoughts and planning,primary concern should be a logical and practical topic.Topic should be writer's interest oriented as it would be easy to understand and pursue.If a teacher or professor assigns you a particular topic then you can skip this step.Starting with a bad topic can shatter the foundation of your research;length of the paper is dominantly depending upon the nature of the topic. If you select a multifaceted topic with different aspect,it needs more time and efforts to complete a research paper but one thing has to be considered that your topic should be precise and specific so,another related fact is before finalizing a topic you are required to narrow down a wide topic that it would be easy to tackle the research process.

Once your topic is chosen,it is a time to start collecting relevant data through reliable information sources.Libraries are more reliable than internet but if you chose internet to collect the material,stay confine to some specific sites like official websites,articles and online journal as they are acceptable and recognized web information source.If you find some sort of difficulty in collecting information material for research paper then you must re-consider the topic.By making some changes or widening the topic sphere,you can solve this problem.After completing research,now start writing and a great mean to initiate the process is to come up with a useful and convenient outline.Research paper outline is like a plan to proceed and it organizes all coming writing and research activities.If you have an outline that actually works then it can lessen your work pressure and eradicate the chances of being lost.It gives researcher a road map to move on.Another significant step is making a thesis statement,it forms a solid thesis and thought provoking debate that surely compel a reader to read and think.Once you complete its first draft it means you have done almost your whole work,now you are only required to revise and submit the document.
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